Assessment & Maintenance

If you're experiencing a pipe backup issue or suspect there are issues further along, call our team today to ask about how our state-of-the-art video cameras can detect sewer and drain deficiencies. With detailed 3D images of what lies beneath, we can determine precisely what actions need to be taken next.

This is a trenchless solution - it is cost effective and does not require digging in searching for underlying issues. Video inspection services capture accurate and detailed footage of the interior of your pipes (from 150mm to 3000mm) so we can detect any traces of cracks, holes, blockages, and more. We always come equipped to each job site and our technology and equipment are always kept up-to-date for the highest level of CCTV inspection services.

Sewer Camera
Inspection Services

In a market of many sewer inspection companies, Empipe stands out with our highest quality CCTV inspections offered across Canada. We use high grade equipment to provide quality services to our customers. Should we encounter blockages, we will utilize our wide range of hoses and hydraulic flushing systems to continue maintaining the function and overall performance of your pipes.

Sewer Services For Municipal, Commercial & Industrial Clients

Video sewer services have proven to be time and cost effective to municipal and commercial properties alike. We utilize trenchless technology and high-quality video camera equipment in search for underlying issues. These types of issues won't go away on their own. Take action before these issues progress. Call Empipe today to find out how our services can help you maintain the flow and life expectancy of your pipes.

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What We Look For

Inflow & Infiltration (I & I)

These are issues that can cause excessive treatment plant volumes in normal times and dangerous overflows during wet periods.

Defects in Pipes & Maintenance Holes

Some defects include: significant sags or bellies in the main; cracks and holes; protruding lateral pipes; misaligned, offset and open pipe joints; and collapsing pipe sections. They all impact the soundness and efficiency of municipal and large residential systems.

Blockage Accumulation Of Solids

These solids can be tree roots, garbage, “flushable” wipes, calcite and other obstructing debris that could cause backups.

Fat, Oils & Grease (FOG)

An increasingly large problem in municipal systems. over 50% of all sanitary sewer system overflows are caused by the accumulation of fats, oils and grease discharged from the preparation and serving of food.

Undersized Pipes

These are a growing issue. Existing sewer systems are overloaded due to new sewer hook-ups, underground water infiltration, and illegal roof and yard drain connections.

Drainage Problems

Drainage problems are caused by several factors such as the condition of the pipe system itself, natural phenomena (ie. earth movement and rain), and incorrect usage of the system by the public."

Pre/Post Construction Services

Assessments of sewer pipes and other structures before nearby construction starts, and after its completion can determine whether structure condition changes could have occurred due to impact, vibration or soil shift.

All Empipe Operators Are Certified In

Pipeline Assessment and Certification Program (PACP)
Manhole Assessment and Certification Program (MACP)
Lateral Assessment and Certification Program (LACP)