CCTV Inspection

comprehensive video assessment and reporting of your asset condition and performance

Empipe SolutionsCCTV Inspection

Helping Asset Owners Make Informed Decisions

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) sewer inspections are an important part of evaluating your pipes’ overall condition and performance.

A comprehensive, televised and digitally recorded visual inspection is one of the most important components leading to understanding your system’s expected longevity.

What We Look For and Assess

Inflow & Infiltration (I & I)

issues that can cause excessive treatment plant volumes in normal times and dangerous overflows during wet periods

Blockages & Accumulation of Solids

from tree roots, garbage, “flushable” wipes, calcite and other debris or obstructions that could cause backups

Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG)

An increasingly large problem in municipal systems. over 50% of all sanitary sewer system overflows are caused by accumulations of fats, oils and greases discharged to it from the preparation and serving of food.

Structural Defects in Pipes and Maintenance Holes

Significant sags or bellies in the main; cracks and holes; protruding lateral pipes; misaligned, offset and open pipe joints; and collapsing pipe sections all impact the soundness and efficiency of municipal and large residential systems.

Undersized Pipes

These are a growing issue. Existing sewer systems are overloaded due to new sewer hook-ups, underground water infiltration, and illegal roof and yard drain connections.

Drainage Problems

Caused by several factors, including the condition of the pipe system itself, natural phenomena such as earth movement and rain, and incorrect usage of the system by the public.

Pre/Post Construction Services

Assessing sewer pipes and other structures before and after nearby construction occurs can assess if any condition change did or did not occur due to impact, vibration or soil shift.

Accuracy from Experience

Accurate analysis of the footage also depends on the knowledge and experience of the professionals performing the review.

This process is critical to your ability to create realistic work plans, timelines, budgets and expectations, it should be trusted to proven industry professionals.

Empipe Solutions fields only NASSCo certified operators and software, to ensure your CCTV inspections are performed and reported to the highest standards of image quality and reporting richness.


Empipe equips its professional teams with a full range of the latest digital CCTV equipment capable of inspecting pipes of 50mm to 5000mm in diameter.