Improve Overall Plant Performance

Increase Capacity

The Answer Is Under Our Feet

Simultaneously improve the overall performance of your wastewater and collection systems while eliminating your biggest challenges with the EBS-Di turn-key PERFORMANCE GUARANTEED solution through Empipe Solutions.
The EBS-Di from EnBiorganic Technologies combines the power of customized proprietary soil microbiology with ground-breaking, dynamic and autonomous delivery technology for the all-natural, sustainable biological treatment of wastewater.

Are You Experiencing...

  • Odour Issues
  • High Sludge Management Costs
  • H2S Damage
  • Problems Related to FOG
  • Plant Capacity or Permit Limits
  • Fines or Compliance Challenges
  • Rising Energy Costs

The solution is the EBS-Di system.

Improve Overall Plant Performance

EBS-Di does something with microbiology that makes it a game changer. Through a patent-pending process, it actually generates and activates the customized microbiology before it enters the wastewater system.


The microbes are ready to go to work to dominate the system and deliver consistent results unlike traditional bio-dosing methods. The consortium is customized, ideally suited to your effluent. Efficient, they perform without oxygen unlike indigenous microbiology, and are highly adaptive, which translates to reduced retention time requirements which in turn, lowers the cost per volume treated.

Sludge Reduction 80-100%

  • Throughout the entire wastewater treatment system
  • Environmentally friendly and affordable way to dredge lagoons
  • Eliminates FOG

Energy and Operations Cost Savings

  • Up to 65% energy reduction for aeration operation
  • 40-80% reduction in treatment operational expenses

Odour and SSO Elimination

  • 100% odour removal
  • Surcharge reductions


The Empipe Solutions is provided through the combined technology of the EBS-Di generator and custom-tailored microbial formulations for your unique effluent.
Empipe Solutions will work with you to gather information and prepare a detailed Economic Impact Report and determine the best deployment location based on your collection system and/or plant design.


The EBS-Di is offered through a TaaS model —Treatment As A Service with a reasonable ongoing monthly fee.

No Additional Costs or Capital Expense

Savings found in the Economic Impact Report (EIR) are greater than the monthly service fees so the EBS-Di can fit into current operating costs and even create added savings or CAPEX deferrals.

No Labor is Required

No customer staffing or labor is required at any stage of installation or maintenance. All set-up, operation, monitoring and maintenance is provided by EnBiorganic Technologies and the licensee.


Let us provide a no-cost, no-obligation Economic Impact Report based on your system’s data and arrange a FREE Performance Trial of the EBS-Di system so you can start receiving the benefits and results wastewater utilities across North America have already discovered.



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