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Empipe offers the versatility and safety of hydro-excavation, particularly useful in municipal and industrial applications. Our combination wet/dry trucks use ultra-high-pressure water to break up soil while simultaneously evacuating the slurry with a powerful vacuum.

This method of non-destructive excavation replaces conventional digging techniques in situations where buried electrical or other utilities make it too dangerous to dig. Where backhoes and other heavy equipment can’t fit, we can run a large-diameter hose to allow the combination trucks effective access.

Applications for Hydro-Excavation Include

  • Sub-surface utility engineering (SUE)
  • Pole and post installation
  • Exposing underground utilities
  • Horizontal directional drill (HDD) projects
  • Foundation repair
  • Excavating frozen ground
  • Stump removal
  • Creating trenches for geothermal installation

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