Lateral Rehabilitation

trenchless pipe rehabilitation

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Empipe can repair the entire underground pipe from the sewer main to your building or home with a strong, jointless, seamless cured-in-place-pipe without digging or trenching

If our lateral inspection reveals structural problems with the pipes themselves, repairs are called for. Empipe can handle everything from spot repairs and sectional rehabilitation to remote trenchless repair and replacement that disrupts relatively little surface area where sensitive structures or plantings cannot be disturbed.

CIPP is one of several trenchless rehabilitation methods Empipe utilizes to repair existing pipelines. Empipe has the capability to rehabilitate laterals ranging in diameter from 50mm (2″) to 150mm (6″). Read more about this technology solution from Empipe.

Empipe teams offer decades of experience and knowledge in repairing and replacing sewer lines suffering from structural defects such as

      • Holes
      • Cracks
      • Holes
      • Protruding lateral connections
      • Misaligned, offset and open pipe joints
      • Collapsing pipe sections
      • Undersized pipes
      • Cracked or broken pipes

Our Approach:

Our experienced field technicians rely on their accumulated years of knowledge to determine which techniques will result in the best outcomes for your particular situation.

We always work in a consultative mode with our residential customers, taking into account your individual needs and the specific configuration of your sewer system.