Manhole & Lift Station Repair

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Whatever the structures require

Empipe offers a full range of services for Manhole (Maintenance Hole) Rehabilitation, including

  • inflow protector bins
  • frame reconstruction
  • buildup and debris removal
  • internal chimney seals
  • brickwork rehab
  • ladder rung installation
  • joint and crack sealing
  • benching
  • pumping station rehabilitation

 For these vertical applications, we may use

Infiltration Control

Empipe also offers a range of grouting and concrete sealing services that can restore a variety of structures to a leak free state. These services can be used in a wastewater system but are also equally effective on foundations, underground parking garages and most other concrete structures. Our grouting and concrete sealing services can be used to stop leaks, improve surface condition and fill voids and cracks.