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As infrastructure all over North America matures, assets are aging causing lifespan and performance issues such as:

  • Storm and sanitary sewers in many areas have become clogged with root intrusions and calcite buildup
  • Corrugated metal pipe (CMP/CSP) has rusted through
  • Vitrified clay pipe (VCP) has cracked or shattered
  • Brick-and-mortar lines have disintegrated
  • Concrete pipelines deteriorate with sections of surface degradation exposing aggregate and rebar, cracking and portions falling away after years of chemical exposure, weather wear, shifting soil friction and displacement or hydraulic pressure


Regardless the cause, our response to damaged pipes with the correct equipment
prevents damage from deteriorating into complete failure.


Empipe has a full range of equipment and trained, experienced technicians to use it to handle sewer cleaning, jetting and flushing operations of any type and scale, from 100mm (4″) and up including:

  • Specialized reaming equipment to remove debris buildups including hard to remove calcite for pipe up to 1200mm (48″).
  • Remote flushing and vacuum capabilities for hard to reach access points where hydrovac or flush trucks cannot operate. Empipe’s track driven easement machines make cleaning in tough terrain possible up to 200m from road or vehicle access.
  • Horizontal man-entry safety training and equipment.  Our crews are certified to enter and travel through small and large underground structures to clean and rehabilitate sections or entire structures, even those requiring crew members to work using surface supplied breathing air.