Project Portfolio

Empipe boasts an extensive portfolio of notable projects highlighting our broad scope of capabilities: asset inspection, pipeline cleaning, infrastructure rehabilitation and renewal, trenchless and CIPP pipeline repair, commercial/residential drain inspection, cleaning and repairs, and hydro-excavation.

Project of the Year
Spray Coatings Division

January 1, 2021 - 87 Ave. Drill Drop - Epcor Project, Edmonton, Alberta.
- Coating installation to the interior of maintenance holes with SG2.
- Corrosion barrier to protect both assets from the effects of H2S corrosion attack and to provide a semi-structural solution that will resist hydrostatic pressure to eliminate any future inflows due to infiltration.

City of Toronto’s Largest Water Treatment Plant Chooses Empipe to Restore Pipes with NoDig Technology

The RC Harris Treatment Plant is one of four City water treatment plants that service the City of Toronto. The plant takes raw water from Lake Ontario, then cleans, disinfects and converts it into safe potable/drinking water for pumping into the City’s distribution system.