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remote robotic cutting for service reinstatement

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A critical part of sewer rehabilitation is reconnection of service laterals, after a sewer pipe has been relined with CIPP. Depending on the length and location of the relining project, an underground contractor may need to reinstate just a few lateral connections, or have a hefty job of more than a hundred openings to reinstate. Proper equipment—and the skill to use it—is a must to make this process go smoothly and quickly. Empipe has both.

Empipe’s robotic cutting services have saved general contractors thousands of dollars by remotely repairing defects in pipes, avoiding the excessive cost and out-of-service time required by excavations.

How It Works

Our robotic cutter is a remote-controlled unit we use to reinstate the lateral connections in the renewed pipe. Its function is straightforward:

  • The robot cutter unit is inserted into the renewed mainline, and advanced toward the lateral connection (located via a coordinated measurement).
  • The cutter makes an initial hole to relieve any flow that may have accumulated in the lateral.
  • The cutter then removes the remaining material covering the connection to fully expose the connecting service.
  • Once this opening is cleared, the lateral can be put back into immediate service.