inspection, maintenance and rehabilitation solutions for your water and wastewater assets slide-1 Experience. Service. Results.
delivering the right balance of
value added products, services and
unique technologies for improving
the performance and life expectancy of your assets
inspection, maintenance and rehabilitation solutions for your water and wastewater assets slide-2 WE BRING OUR EXPERTISE TO YOU Our fully mobile crews are equipped and ready
to put our knowledge and experience
to work where and when you need them.
Crowded urban settings are no problem. TRENCHLESS SOLUTIONS WORK
And we have options to fit your project needs.
inspection, maintenance and rehabilitation solutions for your water and wastewater assets slide-3 We've got what it takes toget the job done. Combination Trucks and
Industrial Strength Experience.

inspection, maintenance and rehabilitation solutions for your water and wastewater assets

Proudly Serving Canada from Coast to Coast

[featuredbox icon_badge=”circle” title=”Maintenance & Assessment” dp_animation=”bounceIn” icon=”icon-zoom-in-4″ button_link=”” button_text=”Learn more”]Empipe specializes in underground structure and pipeline assessment and rehabilitation.Our services provide customers with detailed asset condition assessment reports and options for maintenance or repair. Empipe has experience working in underground pipelines and structures of all shapes and sizes, from large underground chambers to small-diameter pipelines as well as structures in remote locations with no road or difficult access.[/featuredbox]
[featuredbox icon_badge=”circle” title=”Rehabilitation” dp_animation=”bounceIn” icon=”icon-tools” button_link=”” button_text=”Read more”]Empipe’s team of seasoned industry professionals take a progressive approach to rehabilitation of transportation, utilities, communication, sanitary, process and stormwater collection and management systems and structures. From trenchless pipe repair and lateral reinstatement, to spray-applied structural coatings and protective liners, Empipe will return your assets to service quickly and with lasting performance.[/featuredbox]
[featuredbox icon_badge=”circle” title=”Commercial & Residential” dp_animation=”bounceIn” icon=”icon-commerical-building” button_link=”” button_text=”Read more”]Empipe is your all-in-one resource for lateral or main drain line inspection, cleaning and repair, including single and multi-unit commercial and residential developments. We handle everything from food service grease trap cleaning, alleviating drain line clogs or backups to rehabilitation utilizing minimally disruptive methods and equipment. We bring the expertise developed in heavy industrial work to your smaller-scale challenges.[/featuredbox]

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[space size=”20″][featuredbox type=”left” icon_badge=”circle” title=”About Us” icon=”icon-info-1″ button_link=”” button_text=”Learn More”]Empipe Solutions Ltd. is versatile, mobile and ahead of the curve in employing only the best technicians in the business, outfitted with state-of-the-art knowledge, equipment and tools.[/featuredbox][space size=”50″][featuredbox type=”left” icon_badge=”circle” title=”Careers” icon=”icon-group” button_link=”” button_text=”Join Us”]If you are a hardworking professional with a demonstrated work ethic, dedication to your craft and want to work with others like yourself, check here for open opportunities.[/featuredbox]


[space size=”20″][featuredbox type=”left” icon_badge=”circle” title=”Project Portfolio” icon=”icon-thumbs-up-4″]Empipe boasts and extensive portfolio of successful projects covering our broad scope of capabilities in: asset inspection; pipeline cleaning; infrastructure rehabilitation and renewal; trenchless and CIPP pipeline repair; commercial/residential drain inspection, cleaning and repairs and hydro-excavation.[/featuredbox][space size=”50″][featuredbox type=”left” icon_badge=”circle” title=”Contact Us” icon=”icon-call” button_link=”” button_text=”Get In Touch”]Reach us by email, phone or LinkedIn; our contact page contains our facility location map and other key information for communicating with our team.[/featuredbox]